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About Us 

Our Mission…

To assist people in our area that struggle with the epidemic substance abuse problem. Our main goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle change that could assist them to move forward without being tangled up in the grips of addiction. This program allows them to find the true joy of a substance free lifestyle.

By looking to the one above to be able to move beyond. By introducing them to a faith-based facility of love and kindness in a nonjudgmental way. To assist them in overcoming addiction and life changes by having structure and guidelines. Providing self-worth, self-reliance through faith, skill training, step programs, classes and a safe zone. To offer them an escape from unhealthy or unstable home environment that is toxic to their recovery.

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Who we are...

The Wirt County Recovery are members of the community that are living in recovery after having had a substance abuse problem. We have Recovery Coaches/Life Coaches certified with CCAR, Peer Recovery Support Specialist, Suicide Intervention and Prevention Certified working as Peer Recovery Support Specialists. They have accumulated numerous hours of training on interviewing and prevention practices, emergency management, NarCan usage, Community Health and Disease, Suicide Prevention, Harm Reduction and many other areas.


Why we do this…

Throughout the duration of working with this mission, we found that we were in dire need of some serious changes if we intended to keep people safe. The major problem that the Recovery Team faces was the period of transition between detoxification and acceptance into a recovery program. In other words, while the Team is finding beds in a detox center for people asking for help with getting them to complete that portion of treatment.


Then the ones that just spent 3 to 10 days getting through the agony of withdrawal symptoms are turned out to go right back where they were staying for a period of a couple of days to a couple of weeks, until a bed is available in a recovery treatment center. This option was becoming an increasingly dangerous option. People need a safe place where all their needs are met.

More About Us...

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