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We have male openings for long term (3-6 months)!!

Are you ready to begin that journey?


How to begin the process:

  1. Application (online application) or see printable app below.

  2. Phone and/or Video interview 

  3. Must be actively pursuing recovery 

  4. Must be willing to volunteer 25 hours a month to cover the cost of your stay.

Wrap-around services include but not limited to: 

Primary Care 


Peer Support Services 

12 Step Meetings 

Life Skills Classes

Relapse Prevention classes 

Bible Studies 

Church Services  

Peer Lead Groups 


Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you have. If you're ready to make a life change, we are looking forward to speaking with you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.   What is the cost of your program? Absolutely nothing, we ask that you be willing to volunteer 25 hours a month to cover the cost of your stay.


2.   How do I go about apply for a bed? Simply fill out an application or call us at (304) 449-4770 to get the process started.


3.   How long will it take me to get in? If there is an open bed, your wait time is less than 24 hours.


4.   If I don’t have any clothing or personal items, do I need to obtain them prior to coming? Absolutely not. We will work with local resources to get you everything you need!


5.   I don’t have Medicaid. Will that be an issue? Surely not. We will work with you to help you gain access to programs available to you. Our program does not bill your insurance for our services.


6.   My spouse wants to join me, is that possible? Unfortunately, we are all male residential program. However, we would be happy to work to find your spouse alternate recovery program.


7.   Is this program a smoking or non-smoking facility? Smoking is allowed in designated areas.


8.   Do I need money to enroll at the program? There is no funding requirement. However if you smoke, we’d suggest to bring yourself some money to purchase your tobacco products.


9.   Will I be able to stay in contact with my loved ones? Yes, we encourage you to stay in contact with your support system!


10. Do you allow visits from family and/or kids? Absolutely. We will work with you and your family to schedule a time that’s convenient for both parties.


11. Can you accommodate home confinement services? Any home confinement must be approved through our local Sheriff’s department, so it is a case-by-case basis.


12.  I have an animal I’d like to take with me. Is that possible? Our facility is simply not large enough to accommodate this. We may be able to help you find temporary housing for said animal if you’d prefer. If you’re an animal lover, you’ll be happy to know we have several team mascots for you to interact with.


13.  Are we allowed to work while in the program? Yes, we encourage you to obtain employment once you’ve accomplished some basic footwork of recovery.


14.  Can my family send or bring me packages while I'm there at your program? Yes, items may be brought to clients during the hours of 8a.m.-5p.m. and left with staff. You can receive clothing, money, books, recovery items, care packages, etc.


15.  Am I required to attend 12 step meetings? Yes, you are required to attend the set number of 12-step meetings.


16.  How long can I stay? You may stay as long as you need to. If our staff believes you are ready to live sober on your own back at home, we will encourage you to do so and provide the support and resources you need to make the transition as smooth as possible.


17.  Can I leave at any time? Yes, we request that you notify us promptly so we can help get you prepared for your departure.


18. How do you handle medications on-site? We monitor all of our residents’ prescribed medications to support medication compliance but we do not administer or order medications for residents. All medications are safely and securely stored onsite.


19. Can I have friends over? Please have friends over, but be considerate and always check with the house manager and your fellow housemates first. We have a strict no drugs or alcohol policy on the properties and if it is discovered that your guests are under the influence or breaking these rules they will be asked to leave and not be welcomed back. Again, we cannot stress the importance of community in overcoming addiction but we will always prioritize the safety of our residents.

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