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Questions & Answer Session!

Ask Us Anything! No question is to simple or complicated. We are committed to answer your most-outlandish, mind-burning questions, from the ordinary to the off-the-wall.

Some ideas for this can include but not be limited to; active addiction, recovery, life, program, Recovery House, family, friends, struggles, accomplishments, fears, goals, etc.

Ends 12/31/22 - Anyone who participates with submitting a question(s) and leaves valid contact information

will be entered into a drawing! We will be giving away a $10.00 gift certificate to a local business of your choice!

We want you to know your information is completely private with us.

We are excited to hear your questions! 
How are we doing? Pretty badNot so goodGoodVery goodAwesomeHow are we doing?

Thank you for participating!

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